Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Whenever I plan something for myself, especially for the pleasure of me, there is must be something will make it fail, and that's happen to me. I have to go to Head Office at the Karawang, to follow the ISO training and that really not a good time for training, but as the order from the Bos, so I have to obey it. While I hate that situation, I think I better to post this Piping & fabrication blog, at least that will make me a little bit cooling down, I think.


The Pipe Fabrication Institute (PFI) publishes advisory Engineering Standards (ES) and Technical Bulletins (TB) intended to serve the needs of the pipe-fabricating industry at the design level and in actual shop operations. The PFI standards contain minimum requirements; however, the designer or fabricator may consider specifying additional requirements beyond the scope of PFI publications. The use of PFI standards or bulletins is voluntary. A complete listing of PFI publications follows:

Engineering Standards (ES)
ES-1-92     Internal Machining and Solid Machined Backing Rings for Circumferential Butt Welds
ES-2-92     Method of Dimensioning Piping Assemblies
ES-3-81     Fabricating Tolerances (R 1990)
ES-4-85     Hydrostatic Testing of Fabricated Piping (R 1988)
ES-5-93     Cleaning of Fabricated Piping
ES-7-94     Minimum Length and Spacing for Welded Nozzles
ES-11-75     Permanent Marking on Piping Materials (R 1990)
ES-16-85     Access Holes, Bosses, and Plugs for Radiographic Inspection of Pipe Welds (R 1988)
ES-20-97     Wall Thickness Measurement by Ultrasonic Examination
ES-21-92     Internal Machining and Fit-Up of GTAW Root Pass Circumferential Butt Welds (R 1989)
ES-22-95     Recommended Practice for Color Coding of Piping Materials
ES-24-92     Pipe Bending Methods, Tolerances, Process, and Material Requirements
ES-25-93     Random Radiography of Pressure Retaining Girth Butt Welds
ES-26-93     Welded Load Bearing Attachments to Pressure Retaining Piping Materials
ES-27-94     ‘‘Visual Examination’’-The Purpose, Meaning, and Limitation of the Term
ES-29-93     Abrasive Blast Cleaning of Ferritic Piping Materials
ES-30-86     Random Ultrasonic Examination of Butt Welds (R 1989)
ES-31-92     Standard for Protection of Ends of Fabricated Piping Assemblies
ES-32-93     Tool Calibration
ES-34-92     Painting of Fabricated Piping (R 1989)
ES-35-93     Nonsymmetrical Bevels and Joint Configurations for Butt Welds
ES-36-95     Branch Reinforcement Work Sheets
PFI ES-37     Loading and Shipping of Piping Assemblies (March 1, 1997)
PFI ES-39     Fabricated Tolerances for Grooved Piping Systems (Feb. 1, 1994)
PFI ES-40     Method of Dimensioning Grooved Piping Assemblies (Feb. 1, 1994)
PFI ES-41     Material Control and Traceability of Piping Components (Jan. 1, 1995)
PFI ES-42     PositiveMaterial Identification of Piping Components Using Portable X-Ray Emission Type Test Equipment (Jan. 1, 1996)
PFI ES-44     Drafting Practices Standard (March 1, 1997)

Technical Bulletins (TB)
TB1-94     Pressure-Temperature Ratings of Seamless Pipe Used in Power Plant Piping Systems
TB3-93     Guidelines Clarifying Relationships and Design Engineering Responsibilities Between Purchasers’ Engineers and Pipe Fabricator or Pipe Fabricator Erector (R 1988)
TB7-97     Guideline for Fabrication and Installation of Stainless Steel High Priority Distribution Systems

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